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About Spiritual Connection Ministry

By taking the time to study metaphysics and spirituality and become a minister, I have answered to my call to serve my community as a spiritual light and guide to one’s happiness.


I have always enjoyed learning more about myself and delving deeper into our existence. I have practiced meditation, yoga and been interested in numerology, horoscopes and taking part in Hellinger constellation sessions and Theta healing.  

I find myself more at peace and I have the ability to be happier with the simple gifts provided all around us. I smile more and have much greater patience when a challenge is presented to me.

I am most interested in helping young couples or couples who have found their true partner in life to understand what love really is and to enter into their commitment to each other with peace and harmony and the knowledge that the Holy Spirit will guide them.

As a Canadian International Metaphysical Minister, I will make myself visible and active in the community that I live and plan to serve. I will offer training and teaching in the Metaphysical and spiritual mindset. I will also create and post meditation videos geared towards helping couples who are planning to get married. My videos will be individually tailored to brides, grooms and other key members in wedding ceremonies to help them learn to listen and to hear their higher self especially during a normally stressful planning time.

Some of the spiritual elements that I incorporate into a wedding ceremony are those commonly seen such as hand fasting, candle ceremonies, ring and wine blessings, special symbolic and metaphysical wishes and prayers as well as meditation both during and before the ceremony.

The focus of the spiritual elements would be to clear the energy and the aura so that the two people can together become one as a couple and their energy can be totally focused and clear removing any mental obstacles. 

Meditation for the Bride

Meditation - Finding Love

Meditation - Happy Marriage

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